Who needs fostering?

Children from all backgrounds, from 0 to 18 years of age, need foster care.

We are particularly looking for foster carers who can offer placements for siblings, older children, and children with disabilities.

There are many reasons that a child needs fostering and each individual has their own story. Meet some of the children we foster below. All names have been changed to protect identities.

Chloe, aged 10

What people like about me

I am a sociable, caring young girl, who is popular amongst my friends. I am beautiful and lovable and very interested in fashion and make up. I also like getting involved at school. 

How I want to be supported

I’ve had rejection from some adults, so I need a placement that can offer me love, one-to-one attention and security, as well as reassuring me when I’m doubting myself.

I can feel shy and sensitive, so I would like my carers to understand my feelings and support me. I’m not used to routine, so I need someone to help me develop skills and strategies to manage life, as well as boundaries that are clear.

I need carers who will support me and help me develop into the young lady I want to be.

What makes me happy

I like making TikToks, playing with friends, being outside, shopping, and having my hair plaited. One of my favourite foods is McDonalds.

George, aged 16

What people like about me

I have an incredible personality – I am funny, I like to have banter, and I have lots to say! I am also loving and protective of my family, and like seeing friends. 

My likes and dislikes

I like going to see my family and friends, and playing on games consoles. I don’t like people being too demanding.

How I want to be supported

I have had lots of difficult things happen in my life and I need carers who I can trust, and who will be patient and support me in talking about and making sense of these.

I need clear and consistent but supportive boundaries, so I know what is expected of me – I do not like the word “no”.

I would like carers who do not give up on me.

Tasha, aged 11

What people like about me

When I get to know you, I can be really chatty and I like to ask questions to find out more about things. I’m interested in caring for people and would like to be a teacher or a doctor. I’m also creative and enjoy colouring.

How I want to be supported

I sometimes become frustrated and struggle to manage my feelings and behaviour, so I need carers who have lots of patience to help me understand and regulate my emotions and help me to develop skills and strategies to manage things differently.
I am bright, but attending school is hard for me, so I need carers who will support me and work in partnership to help me get back into school, as well as manage the dynamics and expectations and enjoy it. 

What makes me happy

I like spending time with my friends, going shopping, and playing on my Xbox.

I like to keep my things clean and tidy.

I enjoy visiting my dad.

Kai, aged 9

What people like about me

I am very friendly and chatty and like making people laugh. I always try my hardest in everything I do.

How I want to be supported

Due to my experiences, little things can become big things to me quickly, so I need help to develop strategies to manage this. I do like to be in control and need support in understanding that I can trust adults and don’t need to be in charge.

I can find it hard to express my emotions and I need carers who will support me to understand and manage my feelings. I need a family who will give me lots of one-to-one time and make me feel special. I would like to see my Mum and my siblings each week.

What makes me happy

I like listening to music, singing, gaming, playing outside and watching Disney films. I also like trampolining and can do somersaults!